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Christian Rauchenwald


I'm helping entrepreneurs scale and optimize their business to reduce expenses, automate processes and increase revenue, and customer satisfaction.

Christian Rauchenwald

I'm a Passionate Entrepreneur

For more than a decade I've been helping entrepreneurs and business owners scale and automate their business to reduce costs and effort, while at the same time increase the results from all their online ventures.

Fuelled by my extreme interest in online marketing, automation, and problem-solving, and based on my experience in many different fields, I'm able to look at things from many different angles to provide you with the advice and strategy you've been looking for.

Christian Rauchenwald


Born in 1987 in Carinthia, Austria, I soon discovered my interest in computer science and eventually learned my first programming language at the age of 12. From there it has been a long and interesting journey full of transformations.

Sofware as a Service (SaaS)

Finally, it became clear that many tools out there still had a lot of room for improvements which lead to the launch of our first SaaS called "CF Power Scripts". A web-based solution helping ClickFunnels' users to get more out of their funnels and websites.

Affiliate Marketing

Eventually, I realized that I couldn't scale my business further and that there had to be a better way to help more entrepreneurs with my experience, so I decided to switch my focus towards affiliate marketing. Helping more business owners than ever before by recommending them the right tools and services at the right time.

2015 - 2018
e-Commerce Consulting
European Union

My interest in digital marketing beyond the technical side let to the formation of my first real business called "Christian Rauchenwald Limited" which I used to provide e-Commerce consulting & CTO as a Service services to selected 8-figure e-Commerce companies within Europe.

Freelancer Developer
Austria, Germany, Switzerland

After dropping out of school and dabbling in my first few businesses I discovered my interest in the digital marketing space and worked for many years as a freelance developer specialized in e-Commerce.

2007 - 2014
2003 - 2006
Higher Technical Education Institute

Before starting my first own business, I attended a technical college specialized in technical computer science and internet engineering, where I deepened my skills as a developer.

Born in 1987


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